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Neo Matrix Medical is aware of the accumulating evidence for the various therapeutic benefits of cannabis/cannabinoids, especially in the treatment of pain. Supporting evidence demonstrates cannabis’s inherent ability to modulate pain and is now recognized as a potential weapon in battling the opioid crisis.

Cannabis science is a rapidly evolving medical sector and industry with increasingly regulated production standards. The resurgence in research has allowed for optimization in the breeding of strain-specific synergistic ratios of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals for predictable user effects, characteristics, and improved symptom and disease-targeted therapies.

In our efforts to bring holistic solutions to our patient population we have partnered with Lorraine Crisci Ryan, MD of Atlantic Coast Cannabis MD. Dr. Ryan will provide services at Neo Matrix Medical as well as her office in Edgewater Florida.

Atlantic Coast Cannabis MD, is a physician’s practice where patients are seen and evaluated for medical marijuana cards in the state of Florida. Her evaluations are comprehensive and include education about the different types of medical marijuana, the different routes of administration, how it can be beneficial, dispensary instructions and the requirements of the state of Florida for having a medical marijuana card. She is also a participating member in an online peer-to-peer portal for medical professionals to share HIPAA protected info to improve the future of medical marijuana treatments. Through this portal, she is able to evaluate current patient treatments and efficacies and use this info to better treat our patients.

We at Neo Matrix Medical feel and believe that medical marijuana is a natural and holistic medication for the treatment of many health conditions. With the continued emergence of our knowledge about the Endocannabinoid System and its interplay with many health conditions, the future of medical marijuana will be growing rapidly. We believe that medical marijuana is a better alternative to the “pills” that the pharmaceutical companies are supporting. We know that as patients become more informed about medical marijuana, they will appreciate the way they are served at Atlantic Coast Cannabis MD.

Volusia County is home to many dispensaries and our practice encourages visits to all of the them. Once you are qualified and approved by the state, you will be allowed access to the dispensary of your choice. It is at the dispensary that you will purchase either CBD (low dose THC) or full strength medical marijuana.

For a step by step guide, outlining the qualification process, please see our Becoming a Qualified Patient.

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