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Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PhD.

Keynote / Motivational Speaker

World Record Holder (Swimming)


CEO/President Neo Matrix Medical

PhD. Holistic Nutrition

“One can only perform at maximum potential when in optimal health. Optimal health can easily be obtained and maintained since health is the spontaneous, natural state of all organic existence.”

Known as the “Houdini of Health”, Dr. Mike is regarded as a pioneer in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell based therapies, Health and Wellness, nutrition, and peak performance.

Dr. Mike’s credentials in his field are equaled by few others and his revolutionary book, “Health 4 Life: User Manual”, has become the ultimate guide for many in their quest to regain control of their health and perform at maximum potential.


Dr. Mike Van Thielen,  KEYNOTE / MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, World Record Holder (swimming), Author, CEO/President Neo Matrix Medical, and PhD. in Holistic Nutrition has been involved in regenerative medicine, optimal health practices, sports performance, nutrition and supplementation for nearly three decades.

Dr. Mike is featured in “Motivational Speakers America – The Indispensable Guide to America’s Business and Motivational Speakers” alongside celebrities Les Brown and Brian Tracy.

Dr. Mike has shared the stage with Darren Hardy, owner of Success Magazine and has inspired crowds in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

As a top swimmer in his native Belgium, he gained interest in optimizing health and athletic performance. Dr. Van Thielen graduated from the University of Brussels (Belgium) in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and in 1995 with a master’s degree in physical therapy. He served as the assistant coach and physical therapist for Belgian Olympic swimmers in preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Dr. Mike moved to Florida in 1997, and after managing several pain management clinics, he pursued his Masters of science in Oriental medicine and his Bachelors of science in professional health studies from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando.

Dr. Mike is a licensed Physical Therapist, a licensed Acupuncture Physician, and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, with certifications in injection therapy, homeopathy and homotoxicology, Chinese herbal medicine, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. He also obtained a Ph.D in Holistic Nutrition from the College of Natural Health.

Dr. Mike owned several anti-aging clinics in central and northeast Florida and developed a successful system to create customer loyalty that boosted new customer referrals and resulted in retaining more than 90% of existing customers.

In 2008, he founded a company that certified health care professionals in health and wellness programs, sensible weight loss, and natural non-invasive cosmetic procedures, and trained over 1,000 professionals in just a few years. Dr. Mike sold the business and has since dedicated himself to keynote / motivational speaking and creating health awareness.

Dr. Mike currently is a sought-after keynote and motivational speaker and continues to be on the cutting edge of the latest information and emerging technology in his field. He is a charismatic, fun, passionate instructor and speaker, enriching the lives of everyone in his audiences.  He is the CEO and President of Neo Matrix Medical, a premier provider of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell based therapies in the U.S. He is an American and World Record holder in swimming and a proud member of the World Sports Alumni.

“Witnessing Dr. Mike on stage made me realize what a great communicator and awesome entertainer he really is. His health message is very unique and appeals to anyone interested in obtaining optimal health and achieving peak performance. He is definitely a must-see!”

Charlie Williams
World Sports Alumni



 Dr. Mike, born in 1971, began competitive swimming in Belgium at the age of 8. He proofed talented at a young age as he became age group National Champion in 1979 and 1982, and swam an age group National Record in the 100m butterfly in 1983.

After several more age group national titles and 2 Belgian National Records in 1993, he retired in 1994.

22 years later, Dr. Mike decided to start competing again. He currently has swam 11 Belgian Master Records (2015-2019) and won 13 U.S. National Master Swim Titles in 2017. He was awarded the “ALL AMERICAN” status in 2017 for competing 37 times and winning all 37 events.

In 2019, he swam the American Record in the 100m Freestyle (45+) and the World Record in the 4x100m Freestyle (160+).


Dr. Mike shares his vast experience on health and wellness, and, more importantly, on how to regain control of your health and perform at maximum potential.

  Dr. Mike speaks from the heart and believes that the fast and changing pace of life, our daily stresses, lack of activity, a toxic environment, and the mass production of unnatural foods and drinks has caused us to be in ill health. Optimal health promotes happiness and inner peace, and allows us to perform at maximum potential. Optimal health is the foundation to success in life.

Dr. Mike is an Experienced and Compelling Professional Speaker

With a background as both top athlete and health and wellness expert with a Ph.D in holistic nutrition, and as an internationally respected author, Dr. Mike is an enthralling, captivating, mind-opening international speaker. Dr. Mike is known for the easy way he engages and inspires an audience, and for simplifying and clearing up many health concepts and misconceptions while creating awareness and motivating the audience to take action.

Dr. Mike is a Charismatic, Passionate, and Energetic Speaker

Dr. Mike connects on both an intellectual and emotional level. His unsurpassed passion is felt throughout his entire presentation and resonates long afterward. Dr. Mike is energetic and his fast-paced presentations showcase solid content and knowledge that is presented in a completely understandable, makes-sense, easy-to-implement way.

Dr. Mike is able to connect and build rapport with even the toughest audience and lead them on an adventure of discovery, as he clears up long-established misconceptions and myths about health and disease. Corporations, business owners, and business groups learn exactly how to regain control of their health and get back on track.

Dr. Mike will set the bar high when opening and closing your event. He delivers value time and time again. He will provide a talk expertly tailored to your needs and he will share the proven tools for personal and professional empowerment. Your audience will rave about you, and thank you for a unique and revealing insight on health and on performing at maximum potential.

Standing ovations from audiences everywhere testify to this immensely educational and exciting presentation.


1          HEALTH 4 LIFE: How to Regain Control of Your Health

WHAT IF you could REGAIN CONTROL of your health? Create an extraordinary quality of life?

Our health standards have become extremely low. SICKNESS is accepted as part of aging while the TRUTH remains that HEALTH and HAPPINESS are easily attainable for anyone.

We all have the choice either to be sick and suffer or to be healthy and happy. It’s time to take control and regain optimal health.

In a fun, entertaining, bold, straightforward, and easy-to-understand format, the audience will learn:

  • HOW our bodies REALLY work
  • The single Cause of ALL disease
  • The 5 C.L.E.A.N. Living Principles
  • The TRUTH about supplements
  • Action Plan

Dr. Mike clears up the many confusions and misconceptions about health and proposes a user-friendly action plan. He interacts with the audience and creates awareness about our current health standards, motivating the attendees to take control of their health and their lives, and ultimately perform at maximum potential.

2          ACCESS 2 SUCCESS: How to Perform at Maximum Potential

In his Access 2 Success presentation, Dr. Mike shows the link between being in optimal health and performing at maximum potential while proposing a simple Action Plan.

Conventions, training sessions, seminars, books, audio, podcasts, conference calls, webinars, mentors, coaches, etc., will all sharpen your skills and contribute to your success. Self-development and acquiring more knowledge about time management, people skills, customer service, closing the deal, following up with prospects, leadership, setting up successful events, etc., is indispensable to success. However, without optimal health, one will never perform at maximum potential.

How can you work hard when fatigued, drained, stressed and out of shape? How can you focus and be effective at the tasks at hand without a clear mind? How can you be passionate when low on energy? How can you be a leader when weak? How can you be a team player when in ill health? How can you perform at maximum potential when not in optimal health? You simply cannot!

Dr. Mike shows you HOW to regain control of your health and perform at maximum potential. He clears up the many confusions and misconceptions about health and proposes a user-friendly action plan.

“It’s simply amazing how Dr. Mike sheds a light on what health REALLY is, and how he communicates this incredible, important message to his audience.  You will absolutely love this experience!”

Dr. Greg Carder, member, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.


10 Easy Ways to Simply Excel and Boost Income 500%

In his Customer Loyalty presentation, Dr. Mike shares a very cost-effective system that can easily be incorporated into any business model. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the most powerful and most effective way to increase business.

In the words of Jeffrey Gitomer: “A satisfied customer shops everywhere; a loyal customer only shops at your place.” And loyal customers will give you referral business. This concept is not new, but how do we put a system in place and monitor the success of this system?

Dr. Mike elaborates on his easy-to-implement system that boosts profits through the attraction of new customers and the high retention of established customers.

In his Creating Customer Loyalty presentation, Dr. Mike interacts with the audience and performs role-playing to emphasize certain key points, in a very fun and entertaining manner.

Speaking Formats

► Keynote/Motivational Speaker

► Workshops & Retreats

► Customized training / Personal training

► Certification for Health Care Professionals


As the President / CEO of Neo Matrix Medical, a premier provider of Regenerative Medicine applications and Stem Cell Based therapies in the U.S., Dr. Mike Van Thielen has a vast experience in this field. Dr. Mike will discuss the beginnings of stem cells and walk you through the advances that have occurred and the exciting future of these regenerative therapies.

Dr. Mike clears up the confusion on stem cells and stem cell based therapies and debunks many misconceptions that are out there. He will discuss manufacturing processes of these stem cell based products, FDA recommendations and guidelines, and scientific based treatment options.

Dr, Mike will share the “7 key questions you should ask when considering stem cell therapy” so that you can ask the right questions and assure you get the right product and the right procedure from the right provider.


Corporations and Organizations that are interested in creating health awareness and provide an easy Action Plan for their team, sales force, or, employees in an effort to increase productivity and longevity and maximize performance.

Direct Sales companies and Wellness/Nutrition/Supplement companies that would like to promote and validate their exclusive products, and motivate distributors and affiliates to become a product of their product.

Any Organization interested in boosting profits by creating customer loyalty.

Any Organization interested in learning about Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Based Therapies.


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