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Our Mission

“Our Mission is to Revolutionize Regenerative Medicine through Safe, Effective and Innovative Therapies and Offer all People the Opportunity to Regain Control of Their Health and Well-being.

Our Regenerative Medicine Model, RESOLVE – RESTORE – REJUVENATE, facilitates a 3-phase approach to Optimal Health and Longevity. Our Purpose is to Resolve Pain, Restore Optimal Function and Vitality, and Rejuvenate Our Body and Mind.

We BELIEVE in living Life to the fullest, achieving true Longevity and Extending a HELPING Hand to anyone in need.

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Clinical Team

Dr. Lorraine Crisci Ryan, MD
Dr. Lorraine Crisci Ryan, MDMedical Doctor
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Luis Gomez
Luis GomezARNP
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Hugh A. Coleman, D.O.
Hugh A. Coleman, D.O.Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
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Sarah Brown
Sarah BrownARNP
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Tracie Kaszok
Tracie KaszokRDMS
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Executive Team

Dr. Mike Van Thielen
Dr. Mike Van ThielenPresident / CEO
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Donald Bass, RCS
Donald Bass, RCSChief Operating Officer
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Nick Sasso
Nick SassoChief Financial Officer
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Maria Daily
Maria DailyOffice Manager
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Laura Wagner
Laura WagnerCampaign Manager
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Victoria Bass
Victoria BassMarketing Manager
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Lisa Sasso
Lisa SassoPatient Advocate
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Trevor Brewer
Trevor BrewerLegal Council
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Mike Long
Mike LongLegal Council
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